perfect brows

Our brows frame our faces, they complete our look so we need to use our brows to enhance our faces with their maximum potential. Not only to make us look younger and more attractive but for loss of hair and asymmetry.

Lasting up to 2 years. Advised Colour Boost after 12-15 months.

Hair Stroke Brows

Imitating natural hairs. The best treatment for those wanting a subtle and natural look.

Ombre Brows

A makeup look. For those who already have hairs and want to add definition and enhance their existing shape.

Price List Yorkshire London

  • Hair Stroke Brows £300 £365
    • Colour Boost (12-15 months) £150 £200
  • Ombre Brows £300 £395
    • Colour Boost (12-15 months) £175 £200
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